Your fanzine needs you – or at least a small amount of your money as we strive to convert ‘Likes’ into ‘Sales’ or ‘Scotland Epistles’ is likely to go the same way as fellow Scotland fanzines ‘Que Sera, Sera’ and ‘Haggis Supper’ etc only with considerably fewer editions produced – albeit glossy, full colour, B5-sized editions…..


I suppose an alternative ‘ending’ would be to go online like ‘The Famous Tartan Army Magazine’.

Also, the original intention was that all profits would go to charity but unfortunately all three issues to date have failed to break even.As a paper-loving Luddite however I would prefer that we were able to continue to produce something tangible and at only £3.00 a copy we are obviously not asking for a Greece-style bail-out just a small sacrifice, for example –

Gents – Do you really need a porn mag or FourFourTwo this month? Why not buy a fanzine instead?

Ladies – Do you really need to replace those tights that have holes in them? I think the ‘aerated-look’ is rather fetching – so why not buy a fanzine instead?

Transgenders who are about to undergo sex-change operations- Something for you to read in the hospital recovery ward?

Lawyers/accountants/politicians – I’m sure you can claim the money back through expenses somehow.

And finally, to all those who have already given their support- as a buyer, seller, contributor or positive reviewer – a big, big THANKYOU!

All the best and hopefully there will be an issue 4 in 2016 to help chase away the Euro Championship blues…

Robert Marshall

(You can buy it on eBay. Just search for Scotland Epistles, Bullshit and Thistles)