If you have a masochistic bent [or conversely, if you think you are tough enough], then can I direct you to a new section within the Scotland Epistles website entitled ‘The Dark Side’. It is a veritable Room 101 for Scotland memorabilia associated with some of our biggest footballing nightmares such as heavy defeats in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Amsterdam and Paris plus World Cup disasters against the likes of Uruquay, Peru, Iran, Costa Rica and Morocco. If you think you are feeling too cheery for your own good than this is the place for you –

The sample attachments are the programme cover from the 1961 game at Wembley when our Lords and Masters, the magnificent England, gave us a damn good thrashing [9-3] and we were grateful for it! [Note from Editor – Robert is currently on medication so please make allowances]. Also attached is an image of the Costa Rica squad from the Panini Italia 90 stickers album. It’s perhaps worth remembering that as well as humbling Scotland 1-0 they also beat Sweden 2-1 to reach the second stage of the competition.


For David Stuart, BELGIUM is his big nightmare – numerous defeats inflicted upon us by those Bilingual Red Devils plus the evil that is Brussel Sprouts are his justification for its inclusion. Personally speaking I think that’s a bit harsh as I’m a big fan of Belgian[dark] beer, Belgian Chocolate and Tintin – my favourite story being ‘The crab with the golden baws’ or maybe it was ‘claws’……

Anyway, what’s your biggest nightmare? Think about it, talk about it [to yourself if you have to] and then post it. You’ll feel better for it – trust me I’m a Doctor…

Doctor Bob [Marshall]